A simple reactive front-end framework

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Hello Act

Here's Act's hello world:

main('Hello world')

And here's the classic counter example:

const view = (value) => ['button', {click: {add: count}}, value]
main(view, { model: 0 })

More examples

Check even more examples in the documentation.



Act is built on top of Ramda and encourages a functional programming style.


Act is small and most functionality is added by different modules, resulting on small builds. The TodoMVC has 13.4kb (min+gz).


Act's internal code should be owned by its users, therefore simplicity and readability are valued.


Act tries to be as complete as possible, and have clearly defined ways of doing the most common tasks.


Act is written in es6 and expects you to use webpack, so you can import only the files you really need. To install, just run in your project folder:

npm i @act/main -s

Getting started

The easiest way to start a new Act project is by checking out act-starter.

This project will give you a very basic setup that you can use to bootstrap an Act project, including babel and webpack config for development.


Act is still in a very alpha status. If you wanna help, take a look at the ideas for improvement.